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Piano Lessons for Children

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Piano lessons are best begun as soon as the student is able to sit and take instruction from a teacher. This occurs at varying ages. If you are not sure your child is ready for individual instruction, please schedule a student evaluation session with me. It is best to begin study at the earliest age possible. I find that the ideal age range for beginning piano lessons is 3 to 6 years old depending on the child. Young children (as well as children of any age to some degree) need daily support to establish a regular practice routine and encouragement that their good work is valued in the household. The earlier this is begun, the more deeply good habits are instilled in the child. Generally, the more a parent, other household member, or caretaker of the child is involved in the learning process, the better the results. A person who knows the child can best judge how much and what kind of outside involvement is best for good progress and enjoyment of the work for the individual student.  Some young students need someone to sit with them at the practice sessions and some just need to be sat down at the piano and are able to practice on their own. Generally the youngest students need the most outside involvement, but all children need support, encouragement, and help with developing the self-discipline and work ethic needed to be successful in piano study.


Integrating music study and appreciation into a child's education leads to better development into a well-rounded, happy, fully functioning adult. Music study also develops creative and abstract thinking as well as helping with problem-solving skills. Students who study piano tend to do better in all aspects of their academic lives and gain a sense of accomplishment along with a positive attitude. Music is a performing art and students are encouraged to participate in the student recitals as well as any performance opportunities that present themselves in school, clubs, etc. Performing builds self-confidence and composure in the student. It transforms practice into a complete expression and communication with an audience. It's fun to learn to play a piece of music you like and perform it for an audience that expresses their appreciation with applause!


I work with the individual child to find a program that is enjoyable to the student while offering the best progress possible. I also provide the information and encouragement to develop creativity in my students and have had students as young as 3 years old composing their own melodies and improvisations. My goal is to guide each student into a solid connection with a music practice that provides a lifelong benefit and, at best, a lifelong practice. My former students have include a Harvard University music major, as well as those who have gone on to integrate regular piano practice into lives as busy professionals. I have taught the children of successful music producers and executives, attorney generals, an Emmy-winning sports producer, and other successful professionals in many fields.