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I have been taking lessons with Frances Kramer for 4 years. I am 51 years old, and I never had lessons previously. When I contacted her, I indicated that my number one goal was to play the standards, and I wanted to be able to play You Don’t Know Me within 3 months. She did it! (It wasn’t Ray Charles, but, people loved it, and I have since perfected it.) Frances taught me the basics and enough theory and technical pointers to make my dream come true; quickly. She clearly adapts her approach to the needs and wants of her students. Frances is very accommodating, and approachable. She is a rare ultra-gifted and talented musician, who is also empathetic. I am progressing wonderfully under her tutelage. She has given me the gift of music, which provides me great happiness and peace. Thank you, Frances!

Joseph V. Gulfo, MD, MBA

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Frances Thank you for being such a wonderful and patient teacher for Travis. He has learned so much! Kathy Lang



Frances Thank you so much for teaching us the piano and giving us a love for music. We enjoy our lessons with you and are looking forward to continuing to make more music together!

Lori, Daniel, and Matthew Gassenheimer

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Frances changed my life by reminding me to "play it like you mean it!" She is a great teacher, very patient, and balances giving me freedom and flexibility while maintaining structure with her lessons. She is classically trained and is also teaching me theory so that I could one day compose and arrange. Frances Kramer is great!
Erica Jones


Frances is not only an amazing musician but she's also a great teacher. She's patient, kind and meticulous. I learn something new every time I have a lesson. She's enthusiastic about her work and its obvious she loves what she does. Frances is not only my piano instructor but also my vocal coach. I've improved tremendously ever since I began taking lessons with her. If you need any type of musical guidance, I would highly recommend Frances Kramer.
Cagla Fidan